Ebola and Pandemics: A Prepper’s Guide for ebola patients

While Many Preppers tend to Be More Concerned about a violent societal collapse, it is just as significant to Be Prepared for ANY type of disaster That Threatens our families. So thinking about the Ebola virus or Reviews another pandemic is not Typically at the top of the consciousness of someone who is looking for Constantly Economic collapse.

HOWEVER, the two are not at all Mutually exclusive. The thing about a violent societal collapse Is That you see it unfold. A pandemic catastrophe is like a slow-motion wreck the train.

All of the critical utilities and municipal services That city dwellers depend on for life are contingent upon the engineers, maintenance staff and key workers being white –other healthy enough to do Their jobs. A pandemic’s greatest threat is That if it Reaches a critical mass of disabling thesis workers, Then the infrastructure of our society Will disintegrate.

Imagine is the key people at the water department get sick and the purification stops, or the nuclear power plant Does not healthy enough-have employed to keep the reactor going? It’s easy to see how a pandemic, or-even the fear of a pandemic That causes people to stay home, can cripple a modern society pretty quickly.

So Any responsible prepper Needs to think about two contingencies in the area of pandemic preparedness, whether it is the Ebola virus or something else.

The first thing to Consider is your Ability to stay at home and hunker down Until the Ebola virus or threat –other HAS Dissipated. That means clustering That You must have enough food and water to enable you not to go out and Be Among Possibly infected people.

The second thing is to Consider the worst case scenario of HAVING supplies to weather the Ebola virus, intended not the independence from utilities and municipal services –other.

UNLESS you are in a very urban environment, stockpiling water is not always Necessary, Provided you-have a water source, Such as a river or lake nearby, and the means clustering to purify it. It is much better to know how to purify year inexhaustible source of water than to try to purchase and store “enough” water for a disaster.

The key to being white ble to survive year Ebola virus breakout or Reviews another pandemic is the Ability to stay away from Those Who can infect you and your family. No matter how much food you-have stockpiled, if the tap runs dry and you are out of water, you must risk your life going to the store or the FEMA water distribution point to get some. This Is Where people are, and your exposure to people puts you and your family at risk.

Source by Mike Kuykendall

Yale law clinic suing Connecticut officials over 2014 Ebola quarantines

NEW HAVEN >> A class-action lawsuit filed Monday in federal court charged that Connecticut’s quarantine policy impacting travelers from countries affected by the Ebola virus was based on fear, rather than science, and it questions Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s motivation coming as it did in the middle of a tough re-election fight.

The Legal Services Clinic at the law school said the state’s policy hurt the global public health effort to contain the spread of the outbreak in West Africa by discouraging doctors and health care workers from joining the fight.

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It accused Malloy and Dr. Jewel Mullen, who then was the state’s public health commissioner, of failing to follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recommended monitoring asymptomatic visitors or returning medical personnel through phone calls, not quarantining them.

The 12 individual plaintiffs and the Liberian Community Association want the U.S. District Court to declare the policy unconstitutional and the governor to rescind his emergency October 2014 order. That order gave Mullen the power to order the quarantine.

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